The ‘greatest threat in the world today’ ?

What is the biggest threat facing the world today?

Christians aren’t the only people studying the end times. A group of specialists in War Studies have published their views on the most significant threats facing the world today. Ranging from Russian expansionism to nuclear proliferation, the list makes interesting reading for the ‘end-time survivor’.

Jesus gave His followers a list of six ‘birth-pang’ signs to look for: war; famine; earthquakes; ethnic conflict; disease; and false Christian religions. This recent analysis ticks at least two of these boxes. Birth pangs are painful, come with increasing intensity, become more frequent, and cannot stop once they have started. This is the test we must apply when looking for them. Those who have attended the Omega Programme or read ‘End-Time Survivor‘ have already received a detailed briefing on this topic, and understand exactly what the Bible says.

Things are moving fast, but most Christians are in denial that they may have to endure trouble. Please urge your brothers and sisters in Christ to attend the Gateway Module or pick up a copy of End-Time Survivor. Point them to the website, and urge your Twitter followers to follow us on @omegaprogramme.