Thank you again for a very informative and brilliant day. I always struggle with the Book of Revelation but your way of teaching helped me open my eyes. I bought ‘End-Time Survivor‘ and am looking forward to you teaching us until Module 10. Church was buzzing this morning about ‘End-Time Survivor‘ with the people that went – the ones that didn’t were a bit gutted they didn’t come! The session was well put together and easy to understand. Most of all a blessed meeting.

Brent Hayes

Neil Turner has spent 25 years studying Biblical prophecy in the light of history, present and future, out of which has come the Omega programme and its accompanying, practical handbook, End-Time Survivor. I have found that Neil has helped me gain a sound understanding of what were to me some of the most difficult prophetic passages in the Bible, in the light of current events and their relationship to God’s prophetic plan. I would more than recommend that all saints should go and benefit from Neil’s challenging insight.

Monique Norton

For Christians who primarily want to understand current events and their relationship to God’s prophetic plan, I fully recommend Neil Turner’s outstanding Omega programme and practical reference handbook. Neil’s solid work on Biblical prophecy past, present and sign-posted future provides a comprehensive road map into unfolding of God’s immense prophetic plan. I am hugely grateful to Neil for opening these doors and recommend to all who want to understand and know more.

Gary J Norton (Prayer for Israel, Northampton).

I can fully recommend the Omega Programme to anyone who wants to be an End Time Survivor. The firm grounding of Jesus’ own teaching in the synoptic gospels is methodically built upon by Neil as it is coupled with an exploration of current events thus resulting in a Biblical understanding of the out working and fulfillment of end time prophecy. One cannot help but be reassured that God is in control!

Karen Goodman

I highly recommend the Omega training programme for all those who would like some navigational help in understanding the end time prophecies of Jesus. I have been a regular reader and teacher of the Bible for many years, and I found Neil’s teaching, Biblical, informative, clear and most of all preparatory for the days that lie ahead.

Ken Hepworth