Hebrews 6 lists ‘eternal judgment’ as one of the foundational Christian doctrines, yet how many of us really understand how many judgments there will be, what the purpose of each of these is, who is involved, and when they are to take place? Does God judge in the here and now with so-called ‘Acts of God’ ?

In order to appreciate judgment, we must also consider the consequences of our actions and words in this life, the rewards and penalties. ‘Geography’ looks into the various places listed in the Bible, such as Heaven, Hades, Hell, Paradise and the Kingdom of Heaven. The Bible offers us a wealth of information about these locations, making it clear what happens when a person dies.

The module addresses such questions as ‘what about the man on the desert island who has never heard the Gospel?’ ‘Why do bad people get away with it ?’ and ‘why does God allow so much injustice?’ and ‘how can a God of love send people to Hell ?’

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