The purpose of the Omega Programme is to prepare the Church for the difficult days to come. We put a a lot of effort into bringing the training to you, and we encourage you to get the most from each module by completing a preparation sheet. Each ‘Prep Sheet’ describes a number of topics for you to consider:

  • STUDY – recommended Bible passages to study
  • THINK – topics to reflect on
  • DO – actions to take
  • PRAY – areas to prayerfully consider
  • MEMORISE – a key memory verse
  • WHAT I LEARNED – reflections on your personal learning
  • WHAT I COMMIT TO DO DIFFERENTLY – how you intend to internalise your learning

Too often the only things Christians take away from such events is a notebook full of ideas – but we are warned to be ‘doers of the word, not just hearers’. Omega is a training programme, whose purpose is to create a change in behaviour. As such, we must each take personal responsibility for our own readiness for the times ahead. After His end-time prophecy of Matt 24, Jesus described how the ‘foolish virgins’ discovered the perils of poor preparation – that parable follows ‘the spine of Biblical Prophecy’ for a reason. Those who fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

Omega is designed for participation, not sightseeing or academic interest. You will get far more out of the programme if you put some work in before you attend.