The Lion with Eagle’s Wings – The Scriptural Basis for an Independent Britain

In June 2016 the United Kingdom faces its biggest decision since declaring war on Nazi Germany. The EU Referendum will decide whether Britain reclaims her sovereignty, or whether she will be swallowed up into full political union in an EU superstate. The purpose of this article is not to argue the case for or againstContinue reading

The Incomparable Christ

More than nineteen hundred years ago, there was a Man born contrary to the laws of life. This Man lived in poverty and was reared in obscurity. He did not travel extensively. Only once did He cross the boundary of the country in which He lived; that was during His exile in childhood. He possessedContinue reading

Lance Lambert – promoted to glory

Lance Lambert, one of our generation’s most distinguished Bible scholars and intercessory leaders in Israel, died peacefully today at age 84 in Jerusalem. The burial will be private but memorial service arrangements will be announced. Until recent years, Lance enjoyed a worldwide itinerate ministry. Born in 1931, Lance grew up in England and met theContinue reading

Acts of God

Strong earthquake strikes Nepal – BBC News On the day the largest earthquake for 80 years struck Nepal, this is going to be controversial, but I’ll say it anyway. God is still in the judgment business. The Western church has emphasised the love of God over His righteousness. But check the Gospels, and you’ll findContinue reading

Building your Ark

Card It has been calculated that Noah was 480 years old when God commanded him to build the Ark, and around 600 when the flood came. The Ark was huge – around the same size as the SS Canberra, a little longer than a football pitch and about the same width. (see here). Imagine youContinue reading

Christians have two votes – make sure you use them both

General Election 2015 – Poll Tracker Christians have dual citizenship – we live in the world, but we are not of it. Our citizenship is in the kingdom of heaven (Phil 3.20), where we have access to the Jesus, the head of all rule, power and authority (Eph 1.21). The government sits on His shoulderContinue reading

The ‘greatest threat in the world today’ ?

What is the biggest threat facing the world today? Christians aren’t the only people studying the end times. A group of specialists in War Studies have published their views on the most significant threats facing the world today. Ranging from Russian expansionism to nuclear proliferation, the list makes interesting reading for the ‘end-time survivor’. JesusContinue reading

Islam / Humanist axis to prevail in UK

Muslim population in Europe to reach 10% by 2050, new forecast shows A study from the respected Pew Research Center suggests that in 2050 Christians will still be the largest religious group in the UK – just. However, Muslims will constitute around 10%, twice their present number. ‘Unaffiliated’, or non-religious groups such as atheists /Continue reading

Corrupting a nation’s children

‘Promote gay relationships as positive in school,’ teachers say The UK’s Teaching Unions are demanding that schools must promote the view that homosexual relationships must be ‘portrayed in a positive light’. This adds to the existing sexualising of our infants, who must already undergo explicit sexual ‘education’, robbing them of their childhood. Jesus said ‘whoeverContinue reading

The times they are a changing…

The site has been up for a couple of weeks now, and I’m happy with the look and feel – hope you like it! Is there anything you’d like to see featured on the site ? Let me know using the contact form. Remember the former things of old, for I am God, and thereContinue reading