Islam / Humanist axis to prevail in UK

Muslim population in Europe to reach 10% by 2050, new forecast shows

A study from the respected Pew Research Center suggests that in 2050 Christians will still be the largest religious group in the UK – just. However, Muslims will constitute around 10%, twice their present number. ‘Unaffiliated’, or non-religious groups such as atheists / secular humanists will be nearly as big as Christians. We should factor in the reality that many of these ‘Christians’ are nominal, not born-again. Of course, the PRC cannot anticipate any revival of the true Church (which may see an increase), but we should look at the trend prayerfully.

The full report may be found here

This humanist/Islamic axis will be wholly intolerant of Bible-believing Christians, and will further impact government, legislation, employment, education, public witness and our freedom to express our faith. That said, it is wholly in line with Bible prophecy, so we should not be surprised. It is Jesus who opens the 7 Seals of Revelation, so it is He who determines the end-time drumbeat. God knows exactly what He is doing, and when He will do it, so our faith must not be shaken. There is a prevailing view in the Church (evangelical and charismatic) that we will ‘take this land for Jesus’ – a manifestation of what is called ‘dominion theology’ – i.e. ‘things will get better and better’. Many are in for a shock, and their faith will be tested.

This is just one example of the importance of the Omega Programme. We need to prepare a generation now who will stand in that day.

END-TIME SIGN: Matt 24.9-13

ACTION: preach Jesus Christ – the views of many unsaved people are being shaken right now, and their indifference to Jesus is melting away, just as He planned it would.