Having now completed our journey to the end of the ages, we need to ask ourselves how we might prepare. We can see already how society has become less tolerant of Christians, legislation and attitudes are hardening against us, and the world is being subjected to significant change for the worse.

We can react with fear or faith. Jesus was not nor is surprised by what is happening, and left us with plenty of advice about not merely surviving, but being overcomers. Module 9 explores Jesus’ end-time parables and instructions, each providing specific instructions for end-time believers. He told us to ‘watch’, but how should we do it, and what are we to watch for?

We will look at practicalities: what about subsistence, security and employment? How can we continue being salt and light to an evil generation?

The key to overcoming is preparation, not being taken by surprise, but cultivating a close relationship with the Lord on the solid foundation of the Bible.