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The Bible teaches that Christians would come under increasing pressure as we approach the end of the age. In the majority of countries, believers are already suffering for their faith – up to 100,000 are killed every year simply because they happen to be Christian. In the West however, a view prevails in the Church that ‘it won’t happen here’, that things will get ‘better and better’, and that Jesus could come ‘at any moment’ to deliver us from trouble.

The Biblical truth however is that Jesus predicted a time of worldwide suffering for His Church before His return. The Omega Programme has been developed to provide Bible-based training for Christians to withstand these challenging times. Jesus said that it would be ‘those who endure to the end who would be saved’. The Book of Revelation teaches that it is only those who overcome who will inherit the Kingdom of God. As always in the Christian walk, in the midst of the hardship is blessing and provision, and God is ever faithful.

Christians in the UK are already being affected by momentous changes in employment legislation, political correctness, and the way our children are being educated in school. This won’t get better or easier, so we must look heavenward for answers. Jesus knew this would happen, and has provided the Church with His agenda for these days. The Omega Programme will show you the big picture of end-time prophecy, and arm you with faith and hope to face the future.

In Him

Neil Turner

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