Iran and the P5+1 – reaping the whirlwind

‘Black Monday’: £56bn wiped off FTSE 100 as China fears prompt global panic-selling

Investors are firmly in “risk off” mode this morning, and as a result, US government debt has breached the 2pc mark for the first time since April. We’re now 3.2pc in the red at lunchtime.


Monday afternoon, and the global stock markets have gone into meltdown. As I write, the UK FTSE has plunged by over 15% since its yearly high, the dollar is being crushed, US markets (yet to open) are braced for meltdown, and Chinese and European stocks are plummeting. Psalm 105.7 makes it clear that God’s judgments are in all the earth. This is followed by the statement that He remembers His covenant (to Israel) forever. That covenant included a clause to ‘bless those who blessed Abraham and his descendants, and to curse those who have cursed them’. The context of His judgment is His covenant with Israel, which He remembers forever.

Over the last weeks President Barack Obama has pushed hard for a treaty that would ostensibly limit Iran’s ability to produce nuclear weapons. Despite strong protests from Israel (and other Middle Eastern states such as Saudi Arabia) Obama has sought to ostracise Israel, and alienate her Prime Minister, Benyamin Netanyahu. The treaty has had the unusual effect of uniting all Israel’s political parties against it. The main objections are that it permits Iran to continue to develop its nuclear centrifuges, guarantees nuclear weapons in 15 years or less, removes economic sanctions (with $150Bn benefit), places no restrictions on the Iran’s ongoing development of intercontinental ballistic missiles, nor restricts Iran from being the world’s single largest sponsor of terror. Experts on the Middle East are clear that this economic boost will be translated into terror, filling the coffers of Hamas, Hezbollah and other rogue organisations.

Barack Obama seeks to define his Presidential legacy with ‘peace’ in the Middle east, at the expense of energising and empowering this terrorist regime. On August 11th I tweeted:

This was a solemn warning which any student of Bible prophecy would understand. For many days now, the P5+1 nations (China, France, Russia, US, UK and Germany) have been dispatching their trade delegations to Tehran to establish economic links with Iran. Yesterday, the British Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond attended the re-opening ceremony of the British Embassy in Tehran, anxious that British interests would not to lose out in securing lucrative business deals.

Today, the God of Israel has remembered His covenant. As always, He is absolutely just in His judgment. As the nations sought to benefit economically by trampling Israel’s security, God has acted to blight their financial markets. His judgments truly are in all the earth. Get ready, there are more to come.

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