Addendum & Additional Material

End-Time Survivor was first published in 2013. After two years of re-reading it and delivering a number of cohorts of the Omega Programme, I remain convinced that the essential theological approach laid-out in the book is sound. Inevitably though, with such a detailed work of over 400 pages, a few (minor) corrections and adjustments were needed. You will find these itemised on the Addendum & Additional Material sheet here.

AddendumI have also taken the opportunity to include a little more information on the characteristics of pseudo-Christian cults, how we can help the Jewish/Israeli people, and a more comprehensive explanation on the Church’s responsibility to prepare Israel to face the same trouble that Christians will endure during the Tribulation.

The Addendum & Additional Material sheet is designed to fit neatly inside the back cover of your copy of End-Time Survivor, where it may be easily referenced.

Let me know what you think !