The Omega Programme

Omega previewThe unique and groundbreaking Omega Programme equips Christians to overcome the challenge of end-time living.

Christians are coming under increasing pressure to compromise their beliefs. Outside the church ‘human rights’ and ‘equality’ legislation, political correctness and changing attitudes mean Western society is becoming less tolerant to Christian lifestyle and witness. Inside the church (including the established, evangelical and charismatic movements)  we see a significant move away from sound doctrine into apostasy, the denial of Biblical truth.

The Bible is clear that the situation will get worse before it gets better. Jesus told His disciples that ‘in the world, you will have trouble, but cheer up, because I have overcome it’. It is vital we are not taken by surprise, but make an effort to develop a thorough Biblical understanding of what is to come.

The Omega Programme provides Christians with a solid prophetic scriptural foundation for events to come, and explains how we can prepare. It is presented in a professional manner with significant visual content, and recommends your commitment to a personal action plan.

You alone are responsible for getting yourself ready for the days ahead. Omega complements the book ‘End-Time Survivor‘ to arm you with faith, hope and expectancy to see the end from the beginning, and the return of the King.

Come and join us as we make the journey together. Module 0, the Gateway, gives you a ‘sneak-peek’ to preview the overall programme, and an opportunity to decide if you want to commit to the whole.

We promise that you’ll never read your Bible in the same way again.

TIP: Click on the descriptions below to see what we’ll be covering in the module, You’ll get far more out of the session if you download and complete the Module Overview / Preparation Sheet (below the Module overview).


  • Mod 0 – The Gateway
  • Mod 1 – The Spine of Prophecy
  • Mod 2 – The Key to Revelation
  • Mod 3 – The Gathering Storm
  • Mod 4 – Chosen People – Promised Land
  • Mod 5 – War on the Saints
  • Mod 6 – Geography & Judgment
  • Mod 7 – Thy Kingdom Come #1
  • Mod 8 – Thy Kingdom Come #2
  • Mod 9 – End Time Survivor
  • Mod 10 – Capstone

Learning objectives

The OMEGA programme will enable you to:

  • understand how the world is changing
  • appreciate the big picture of end-time prophecy
  • know how to look for & interpret the signs of the times
  • consider Israel’s relationship to the Church
  • understand your responsibility to invest in the Kingdom of God
  • face the future with hope not fear


Omega comprises 11 half-day modules. The format may be tailored to fit time available as required.