Itinerary & Booking

The Omega Programme is now live and kicking ! Bookings are welcomed from churches, groups, events or individuals.

Contact us here with your enquiry, or if you need any further information. Please note the requirements of the programme before booking.


The Omega Programme requires a significant degree of administration and commitment, and typically takes 3-4 hours to deliver each module for each of 11 modules. Consequently, to maximise the investment in time and energy  we’d like to see a minimum group size of 30, and where possible we encourage churches to work together to maximise numbers. We have already experienced how powerful these events are at bringing Churches together in true Christian fellowship.

The format for each module is 3-4 hours, with a 30 minute refreshment break.

We can provide programme information in Adobe .pdf or MS Word format to help you publicise the event.

Please note we reserve the right to refuse bookings or deny entry entirely at our discretion.


Individuals are also welcome to register their interest for the programme. Please let us know your location, and once we have built sufficient numbers we will establish a new ‘Open’ programme and contact you. These Open programmes will normally be held in Watford, Northamptonshire, at the Watford Village Hall NN6 7UY, which is easily accessible via M1 J18.

On occasion and according to demand, Open Programmes may also be held in a geographical location more localised to individual delegates’ requirements.


The programme has significant video content, so your venue needs the facility to project a 12’ (diagonal) picture (a blank wall or large screen) for a group size of up to 70 people. Larger groups may require more comprehensive video/audio capability. We normally use our own HD projector unless your facilities are up to required specification.


Modules are normally delivered on a 4-6 weekly basis throughout the programme. For events or Church weekends/conventions, it is possible to tailor the delivery to fit your requirement. Please advise if you have any particular time constraints.


Please note that the Omega Programme is optimised and designed to build a progressive, layered understanding of the end-time situation on a module by module basis, so it is highly recommended that new delegates commence the programme from the beginning and experience each module in sequence. However, we have no objection should you wish to attend a particular module on an ad-hoc basis. Please be aware though that this may mean that you will lose necessary context, as time does not permit a comprehensive recap of previous material. This can be offset to some degree by studying the relevant chapters of ‘End-Time Survivor’ before attendance.


For programmes based in Watford there is no charge, and refreshments are provided. Donations are welcome but not expected.

For Church, Group or Event-based programmes the host organisation may determine that a charge is necessary to meet costs. We do not charge for our service.


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