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What a breathtakingly clear presentation of Biblical end-time prophecy ! The helpful visual features make it very readable. I loved the historical context and found the book well-researched and informative. Written from a true Biblical faith, with honesty and humility, the book challenged and inspired me to prepare for times which will be both terrible and wonderful.

Mrs D. King

End-Time Survivor explains what the Bible says about the days in which we live, the things to come, and how you should prepare for them.

Many Christians hope to avoid the troubled times ahead, basing belief on ‘pick & mix’ Bible teaching (a verse from here, a verse from there), novels or movies. But the global situation is fast deteriorating, the world less safe, less stable. Traditional values we take for granted are rapidly disappearing. Conflict, terrorism, economic woes, social disorder, and natural disasters are daily news. In the UK, anti-Christian legislation, political correctness, and humanist policies from government and business put pressure on the public witness of Christians.

The Bible is clear that the situation will worsen before it gets better. During the last few days of His earthly ministry Jesus shared with His closest disciples a dramatic and detailed prophetic Masterclass on what believers should expect to see at the end of the age. This ‘Spine of Biblical Prophecy’ is the standard by which we measure all other end-time predictions.

End-Time Survivor takes you back to 29AD to overhear this discourse. We then move forward 67 years to the Isle of Patmos, where Jesus shared His second major end-time prophecy with the Apostle John. This perfectly complements the Spine, and builds a robust prophetic foundation for the end-times. To this foundation we may then add all other prophetic sources to get the full picture.

End-Time Survivor took 25 years to research, and 5 years to write. It is the most comprehensive,original and detailed handbook of end-time prophecy available today. It will educate and arm Christians to face the challenging days ahead.

End-Time Survivor will equip you with knowledge, faith and hope to face the future boldly, so you will know how to prepare and not be taken by surprise.

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Are you ready for what is coming?