Module 2 – the key to Revelation

The Book of Revelation is a mystery to many Christians, yet is the only book in the Bible to contain a blessing for those who read it, and a curse for those who attempt to add to it. It was given to the Apostle John, the last surviving witness to the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, on the isle of Patmos in 96AD.

Module 2 provides the key to understanding the book: 5 ‘laws’ that explain the relationship and arrangement of the events signalled by seals, trumpets and bowls described in the prophecy. Once established, we may then look into Jesus’ second great prophecy in Revelation and consider its relationship with the events of the spine.

Having achieved this aim, we may then construct the prophetic ‘big picture’, considering the ‘ages to come’ which will be explored and explained through the succeeding modules.

We recommend you read the whole of Revelation in as few sittings as possible before you attend the module. The PDF version here excludes all chapter and verse breaks, and formats the passages to help your study.

pdfClick here to download module overview  / prep sheet